Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Go or No Go?

Hi. It's Laura.

Happy Tuesday!

I can say with all honestly I was less than thrilled to find it raining this morning. I usually love rainy days and we certainly did not get enough of them this summer. But faced with a 5 mile run, the rain was daunting

I sat on the edge of the sofa, with a cup of black coffee, debating whether to run or skip it. Normally, I would have just gone to the gym. We are members of the JCC, today they are not open due to Rosh Hashanah.

I was tired (been battling insomnia on and off for the last two weeks) and felt super draggy. I try not to think of the actual physical run of the park (ever) but more about how I will feel during the run. Once I started thinking about the crossover at 102nd St. and then Cat Hill, I find my motivation depleted. I did have the option of taking complimentary yoga class at Pure but I still am not feeling the motivation for yoga. I know people absolutely swear by it but I just have not been able to get into it. Maybe another time.

Once The Husband and The Dog returned from the morning dog exercise, I got the weather report from them: “not really raining just on and off spitting”. Ok, I'll go. I used to just look out the window to see if it was raining but our apt sits in an odd position and I cannot see if rain is actually coming down unless it is absolutely pouring.

I left the apt and stood under the awning of our building. Hmmm!? It is raining just a little harder than I had anticipated.

Go or No Go?

I walk 10 feet to the parking garage next door and stand there watching the rain.

Go or No Go?

I debate with myself. “If you were really dedicated to fitness you would go.” “Crazy people run in the rain.” “You ran a half marathon in the rain.” “That was different! That was a race.” “Don't you want to reach your goals? What's a little water?” “You're going to be wet from sweat anyway.” “My feet will get wet. I don't care about the rest of me but then they itch and burn.” “Stop being a baby a just go!”

I Go.

Walking to the park, the wind starts to pick up and starts slamming the drizzle right into my face. I am a half block from the park. I’m committed now. I try to get a signal on my Garmin. Usually I get the signal right when I get to the park, today nothing. Grrrrr. The drizzle is starting to collect on the brim of my hat and starts to drip in my face.

“Really?” “Am I doing this?” As I peak into the park, I see the loop is virtually empty.

Ok, I’ll go.

I have resigned myself to start my run without a GPS signal in the hopes that it will kick in once I start. I start the timer and go. By the time I hit mile 1.5 I still have no signal and I can't say that I am not disappointed. One reason I run is to burn calories, no signal, no calorie count (maybe). As it turns out after the download of the Garmin, no calories. Definitely no distance. Although I run this park at least twice weekly, I still like to track my miles.

Another reason I run, issues. Not only is running in the rain an issue in itself, I run to solve mine. I do not always know what the issue is when I start my run but I often discover it along the way. Today even though I was having issues getting to the park and with the weather, I didn't really think I had an issue until I started to run. Once I got going, I started to ponder about what kind of people run in the rain. Committed ones or are they just crazy? Why did I run in the rain this morning? I ultimately did go because if I waited the rain was supposed to get worse and as of this writing, it didn't it get better.

How to you know when to go and when not to go?

Every day we have to make the choice to exercise or not exercise. I will share with you that the American Heart Association and The American College of Sports medicine recommends 30 min of exercise MOST days of the week. What does most mean? If there are seven days in a week, more than three days is my best guess. This does not mean you have to run in the rain but it does mean that every day you should be doing some type of exercise. And that exercise is going to be determined by what YOU like. If you don't like it, you won't do it. I like to run. I know a lot of people that don't and would prefer to walk. If that is what you prefer, that is what you should do. Maybe you like to ride a bike, or take a yoga class (you won’t find me there) or any kind of class but DO something. Exercise is one of the single greatest gifts you can give yourself that does not cost anything. You can't buy fitness, it has to be earned.

The answer to Go or No Go?

Even though my feet itched and my clothes were drenched with sweat and rain and my technology was not working, had a good run and felt great when I got home.


Be inspired!



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